Burden of Thought

Hannah Reding via Unsplash The air I breathe is laden with introspection.Thoughts unsaid,words unspoken. Lapse into reflection.Gravity. Your eyes swollen with struggle againstthe words jammed in your jewelled throat. What you wish to saycan never be understoodby alien ears. Messagesfor the centre. Thoughts bounce aroundin there, like pinball, like silver. Break out. We beg, although … Continue reading Burden of Thought


Erik Witsoe via Unsplash Autumn's here. It announces itself meekly and gradually, over the course of quiet days. Crisp wind. Falling leaves. Nourishing rain. The wind carries a ineffable loneliness. It is near the year's end. Leaves of spring flee the branches, covering canopies in a wash of brown and burgundy. Crunching underfoot. A peaceful … Continue reading Autumn