The Ocean’s Ghost

Annie Spratt via Unsplash

It stilled rolled and roared and roiled.
Have no doubt about that.
But no plastic secrets hid beneath the waves.
Sailors and traders ventured out
and tried to subdue the ocean,
but they couldn’t do it then, either.
The endless sheet at end of land
held many wonders in unexplored
and unexplorable depths.
A source of beauty
despite its untamed aggression.
Nature cleaned the ocean.
Nothing that a human did
could disrupt its equilibrium.
Ice caps stood at full size.
The ocean,
like the world itself,
remained an exciting curiosity
that man vowed to conquer.

And conquer it we didn’t.
Our industrial conquest
rebelled against nature,
but nothing we pollute the ocean with
will ever stop it from swallowing us.
We are only feeding its appetite,
and making it furious
by disrespecting it.

Because of us, the ocean
is a ghost.
A poltergeist, even.

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